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Curious Fish in ME. We, being human, might still be Curious Fish , walking two-legged, fused, heavy headed, diverse memories in the holy reservoir of ancestry. How these mammals wonder so my single life is too short, too short without your cooperation.  In my blood, wild mustangs run, across fields Can't we discover a rodeo technique through the dance medium?@itranslated by Sharonij


Based in Kyoto, began in Byakkosha in 1979 as a dancer. Left Byakkosha in 1981, started to organize Multinational Dance Company "Katsura Kan & Saltimbanques" in 1986. Since then, study project with Asian Artists and held International Workshop Festival "Harvesting Beauty in the field" in Kyoto 1991~94. In 1997 moved to Bangkok for seeking the footprint of White Elephant in pre-modern society for the collaboration in Asian Contemporary theatre.
In 2001, started research project about "minority" to collaborate in Bosnia, Serbia and Greece in summer. Currently working on Samuel Beckett text called "Beckett Butoh Notation" in Paris and Naropa University in Boulder Co. At the same time, organize the Academic Butoh Conference all over the world for the next generation including myself.

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